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Should I Consult With A Business Broker?

Do you have an exit plan? Most business owners don’t, their focus has been on growing the business & surviving through the economic curveballs each year. Often, they assume that their children will grow up and step in, which isn’t always the case. A loss of a loved one, medical event or other change in circumstance will make selling your business much more difficult as time and consideration is required for the typical M&A deal. 

That is where we come in, we have the desire, resources, and experience to make sure that YOUR business and its legacy live on. A good business broker can expand your options by introducing different buyers who are interested in buying or becoming a partner. Our team at Gottesman Company will work hard to help our clients reach their targets and achieve a good result even under tough conditions.

If you’re approaching retirement age, consider a free consultation early on. Should something happen, you’ll be glad to know just who to call.

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