Mergers & Acquisitions for 39 years.

About Gottesman Company

In Business Over 39 Years

We Combine Energy with Experience

Gottesman Company is one of the largest M&A firms in the world, specializing in finding buyers for sellers, and sellers for buyers. We’ve adopted a modern approach to generating profitable M&A transactions with over 38 years of M&A experience.

Above All Else, We Match the Right Buyer with the Right Seller

Over the years, we have learned that the success of every M&A deal starts with the right buyer finding the right seller. At Gottesman Company, we specialize in finding great fits for our clients to achieve an optimal outcome for both sides. We operate as independent M&A Business Brokers, arranging the initial introduction and only earn a fee when there is a successful transaction. In essence, we do not represent the buyer or the seller in a transaction, we represent the deal itself.

Gottesman Company works closely with each of the following:

A Worldwide Firm with a Local Presence

We currently have over 100 M&A business brokers operating throughout the world, including coast-to-coast in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia. We recognize the need for a local presence for our buyers and sellers, and have prioritized our network as a key component of the success of our clients. Each of our brokers are high-quality, experienced executives, consultants, and investment professionals, represented by a diversity of backgrounds and proficiencies.