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Broker Services for Buyers

Our experienced network of M&A business brokers brings together top-quality sellers with strategic and growth-oriented buyers around the world.

At Gottesman Company, our team of M&A business brokers have developed a long track record of successful transactions between buyers and sellers. Many buyers are looking to round out their company portfolio or expand their business through the strategic acquisition of high-quality firms. As an independent third party, we help match those buyers with established companies like yours and facilitate the sale, from start to finish.

Our exceptional catalog of companies available for sale, coupled with our ongoing engagement with our nationwide network, provides incredible opportunities for buyers and sellers on a regular basis. We can also help companies who are “not for sale” see the extraordinary value in selling to the right buyer, if they are unsure of the potential. Through our personalized approach, we create a customized search program based on a buyer’s specific criteria. This approach dovetails seamlessly with each of our seller’s objectives, and typically results in sales falling into one of two categories Strategic and Financial Acquisitions.

Strategic Acquisitions

We identify strategic acquisitions that can fill a need within a buyer’s business to help increase their bottom line.

Financial Acquisitions

We help organizations find opportunities for growth that fit nicely within their portfolio of investment companies.

M&A Business Broker Services for Buyers

1. Determine the buyer's needs and wants

We work with buyers to understand exactly what they are looking for in an acquisition so we can accurately identify great acquisition opportunities specifically for them.

2. Analyze each of our sellers

We connect personally with every one of our sellers to analyze their business and gain a deep understanding of their financials to ensure every deal is based upon a solid foundation.

3. Qualify each of our buyers

Just as we do for our sellers, we take a close look at all of our buyers to make sure they meet our high-quality standards and are financially qualified to participate, including a review of their deal history and adequate sources of funding.

4. Create useful brokers’ documents

We create an executive summary (or “book”) which highlights the history, operations, personnel, finances, and marketing policies of each seller, to provide buyers with a clear overview of the business.

5. Introduce buyers to ideal opportunities

We continuously cross-reference each of our new sellers with all of our buyers’ needs to bring a ideal match to their attention, making it easy for them to find the right acquisition opportunity.

6. Facilitate the buyer’s evaluation process

We present buyers with a complete set of the seller’s documentation and make an introduction so they have a full picture of the company, can adequately evaluate the business, and project a potential return on their investment.

Industry Specializations

We are constantly signing new sellers in a variety of industries.

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