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Seller #Industry/SectorSalesEBITDALocationSIC Code
S-3163-2 JRBPremier E-Commerce Business$19.0M$1.8M3581
S-919-8 DBNWell Drilling$12.16M$2.4MFlorida1781, 4971, 7389, 7342, 0711
S-3084-19 SBBHome Automation & Home Security Distribution Company$12M$1.2MWest Coast1731, 238210
S-1627-24 LBMulti-Disciplinary Civil Engineering Consulting Firm$6.0M$2.5MNew Jersey8711
S-2986-2 DWFEnergy O&G Measurement Equipment Manufacturer$50.0M$9.0MSouth Central1389, 3823, 3999
S-3188-10 CANAnimal Health Products$8.5M$1.6MMidwest2834, 2048 / 325412, 311119
S-2937-52 TJEManufacturer of Granite Memorials$15.0M$4.6MNortheast328105 / 339995
woman walking beside glass wall inside the building during daytimeS-3084-18 SBBWindow Manufacturer$5.8M$2.0MUSA3442, 28990
Air conditioner unit near wall of modern building on streetS-3084-17 SBBHVAC & Plumbing Repair/Replacement$3.7M$1.6MCentral Region1711, 238220
S-3259-2 AWBIT Consulting / Government Contractor$23.0M$4.0MMid-Atlantic62012
a man standing on the roof of a houseS-3259-1 AWBCommercial Roofing Contractor$44.0M$7.9MMid-Atlantic238160
S-3035-4 LBWater & Wastewater Treatment Heavy Construction Contractor$25.0M$.950MTexas1623
S-3258-1 TSIT Company: Consulting, Software$15.2M$3.8MSouthwest5045, 3773, 7372
doctor holding red stethoscopeS-3257-2 MWCMedical Office Facility$6.4M$3.0MNorthern Midwest5984
S-3256-1 TSElectrical Control Panel Manufacturer$23.0M$3.5MSouth5063, 3625, 3699, 3643
S-2937-51 TJEOwner-Absentee Healthcare Equipment Manufacturing & Distributor$8.0M$1.1MMidwest5047 / 339100
S-2986-7 DWFEnergy Services$8.4M$2.0MSouth Central1389. 1781
S-2432-35 DBNFull Service Frac Tank Rental$3.0M$1.4MPermian Basin1389, 7359
S-2432-34 DBNProvider of Underground Utility Locating$9.7M$1.7MTexas1389, 4939
S-2432-33 DBNOilfield Staffing Company$47.0M$9.0MTexas, New Mexico1389
S-3257-1 MWCPropane Supply Company$7.1M$.80MWest Coast5984
S-2958-9 RFKCommercial & Industrial HVAC/R Company$7.1M$1.1MMid-Atlantic PA, NJ, DE1711
a bulldozer digging in dirtS-1627-22 LBHeavy Civil Specialty Engineering Firm$15.6M$4.4MNorth Central + 10 States8711
a bunch of different types of pipes on a tableS-3255-2 JHHPlumbing Company / Contractor$8.1M$1.7MCentral Florida1711
yellow and black excavator on brown dirt ground during daytimeS-3255-1 JHHConstruction / Commercial Excavating$30M$4.5MCentral, FL1794
S-2937-50 TJEClean Room Supplies$4.5M$.919MSouth Central5047 / 72721
brown wooden cross with string lights during night timeS-3254-1 CANMetal Fabrication Company$5.1M$1.3MMidwest3499, 3441/ 332312, 332999
S-3253-1 AWBHome Storage Retailer$11.5M$1MMid-Atlantic5039
green plants inside greenhouse during daytimeS-3252-1 DBNCannabis Specializing General Contractor$19.2M$2.12MFlorida1541, 1542
S-3232-9 SBBMattress Manufacturer & Accessories$50.3M$4.7MSouthern USA2515, 5021
S-3232-8 SBBFirearms Parts & Accessories Company$23M$8.3MUSA3484, 3489
S-3232-7 SBBVitamin & Supplement Brand$9M$2.9MSouth Central10890, 2833, 446191
brown leather sandals on brown wooden floorS-3232-3 SBBBranded Floral Supply Company$22.3M$3.4MNortheast Region5193, 519301, 46499
A Man and a Woman Working for a Delivery CompanyS-3216-2 ROBProfitable Last-Mile Freight Delivery Service$4.2M$.900MMountain West4214
man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on white and black solar panelS-3203-1 TSSolar Panel Contractor$7.5M$3.2MSouth Central1746, 8999
white and brown house near river during daytimeS-3181-1 DWFLandscape & Garden Centers$7M$1.5MHawaii5191, 5023, 7389
S-3159-1 PSPetroleum Equipment Contractor$9.8M$1.2MNorth Central811310, 23829
S-3147-1 SZMManufacturing/Brazing and Annealing$6.5M$1.2MMidwest East3389
S-3119-6 JMLThird Party Logistics (3PL) Company$8.8M$1.1MInternational4731
global, technology, networkS-3092-6 AHOUnified Communication Software Company$3.2M$1.9MInternational7372
S-3117-8 DWFFishing & Hunting, Lifestyle Retail$8M$2.7MSouth Central3949
S-3117-16 DWFMillwork Hardwoods Windows & Door Company$18.5M$1.5MSouth Central2431
white and blue glass walled buildingS-3117-15 DWFGlass Glazing Contractor$14.5M$1.7MSouth Central1793
S-3117-13 DWFSpecialty Oilfield Service Companies$11M$3.0MSouth Central4612, 3829, 1629
S-3092-5 AHOSoftware & Hardware Transportation System$12.1M$3.3MInternational7372
white and brown rv trailer on green grass field during daytimeS-3084-12 SBBTrailer Sales$24M$3.3MSouthwest3715
woman in black tank top and black leggings lying on black floorS-3084-11 SBBGym and Nutritional Supplement Franchise$5M$1.7MUSA7991, 2833
Doctors and Nurses in a HospitalS-3084-10 SBBIT Healthcare Staffing Agency$9M$.900MUSA7361, 8049, 8744
S-2996-9 LBBioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy$6.1M$3MMid-Atlantic8011
blue truck on road near bare trees during daytimeS-2937-49 TJETractor Trailer Sales & Service$17.7M$2.1MNortheast3537
S-2882-25 CAMFederally Focused Solution Provider & VAR$29M$1.5MMidwest7130
S-2792-1 LBHigh Quality Drywall Installation Commercial Co.$6.2M$1.8MNew England1742
black and gray audio mixerS-2672-3 SLElectrical Business: Commercial & Residential$4.7M$.76MSouthwest1731
White Sliding DoorS-2555-6 CANBuilding Supplies$29.3M$4.6MEastern USA5211
green Ryobi hand drill near white and red boxS-233-18 AHOBuilding Materials and Lumber$5.7M$1.1MNortheast5211
S-233-17 AHOCommunications Company and High-Speed Internet Provider$6.7M$1.4MWestern USA4899
S-233-16 AHOLumber and Building Materials$15.3M$MMid-Atlantic5211, 5031
Contemporary style house facade with small terraces under cloudy skyS-2027 RLSWaterproofing Company$47M$5MSoutheast1799
photography of excavators at mining areaS-2026 KMTContractor: Environmental Remediation, Demolition, De-Commissioning, Redevelopment$29.5M$8.2MEastern USA serving North America1795
S-1939-2 JRBBuilding Supply$6.7M$.75MSoutheast5211
S-1885 MHS-MJKBranded, High Performance Architectural Paints$6.4M$1.5MEast Coast5198
silver-colored accessory with clear gemstones on black surfaceS-1854 MHSInternational Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler$3.4M$1.0MEast Coast5094
yellow and black crane near body of water during daytimeS-3117-6 AJR-PAMOil & Gas Heavy Equipment Rental$4.6M$1.1MTexas & Louisiana1311
person in brown pants and brown shoes standing on gray and white floor tilesS-3117-5 DWF-PAMCommercial/Residential Flooring$13.2M$1.4MSouth Central5713
blue buildingS-3027-8 JCAsset-Based Lender$14.3M$4.0MMid West USA 6163 / 522310
Yellow and Black Heavy Equipment Near Unfinished BuildingS-2937-27 TJEHome Builder$16M$1.6MSouth Central1522/236116
two people shaking handsS-2776-1 JSIBoutique Public Sector Recruiting & Staffing Co.$11.761M$1.780MMidwest with Clientele Nationwide7361 / 561311
white glass panel curtainsS-2129-4 CAMCustom Design and Installation Company of Residential and Commercial Window Treatments$3.4M$1.2MNortheast2591, 5714
grey and brown wooden tables inside roomS-2006 LGNiche Manufacturer of Furniture$14.015M$1.471MMidwest5021
S-1627-17 LBHighway Infrastructure Construction Co.$15.0M$1.1MNew York State1611,1622
S-1345-1 DWNational Sportswear Distributor$9.0M$2.1MNortheast5091, 5941
man in green and yellow safety vest and blue denim jeans standing on brown wooden palletS-3248-1 DGNIndustrial & Commercial Design-Build Contractor$42.3M$2.4MSoutheast1542
man riding on white and red boat on sea during daytimeS-3244-1 DJK40 Yr. Old Proprietary Marine Accessories Company Manufacturing and Distribution$15.6M$3.6M3732
A Woman Riding a BicycleS-3232-11 SBBElectric Bike- Ecommerce Brand$5.2M$1.5MEastern Region5571, 441228
man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitorS-3192-3 TSSoftware Developer$5.3M$0.960MSouthwest7371,7372,7374
Photo of Marijuana Edibles on Dark BackgroundS-3188-9 CANCBD & Cannabis$40.0M$7.0MMidwest512227, 28290, 80538 /325411, 459991
a group of oil pumps sitting on top of a fieldS-3188-8 CANOil & Gas Equipment Sales/Rentals/Repair$7.0M$3.0MSouthern US3532, 3533 / 333132
yellow and black excavator near hillS-3084-16 SBBHeavy Duty Equipment Distributor$8.5M$1.7MWorldwide5084, 3999
woman looking on microscope inside roomS-3084-15 SBBStaffing Agency- IT & Life Science$5.2M$1.9MEast Coast7361, 561311
S-2937-48 TJEUnderground Utilities & Commercial Site Development$20M$7MSoutheast1626 / 237100
black metal tube lotS-2675-1 TSHVAC & Plumbing Service$17M$2MSoutheast1711, 1731, 4911, 7629
yellow heavy equipment on brown soilS-2432-32 DBNOilfield Well Recurring Services – Hot Oil, Water, Salt Water & Production Chemicals$15M$5.828MN. Dakota/Montana1389
black and silver dslr camera on brown grass during daytimeS-3245-1 DALWaterworks Import Distributor$13.2M$3.4MSouthwest US3494
brown and gray metal train railS-3242-1 ROBLeading Right-Of-Way Services Provider$26.7M$5.5MMountain West6531
black network switch with cablesS-3240-1 LBTelecom Service Provider Rurals + Installation & Sales$14.9M$2.0MCanada4813, 517410, 517411
White Limousin Car Parked on BuildingS-3238-1 SLWorld Renowned Tech-Enabled Transportation Company$10.2.2M$2.65MNortheast4119
flying gray jet planeS-3209-1 LMHMarket-Leading Foundries$4.9M$0.75MMidwest3365 / 331524
Industrial Machine during Golden HourS-3188-7 CANOil & Gas Well Equipment Sales and Rentals$10.3M$2.9MSouthern US3533,1389 / 237120, 333132
yellow and black truck toyS-3117-12 DWFInfrastructure Development$16.6M$4.0MSouth Central3531
silhouette of a person standing on a ladder during sunsetS-3117-11 DWF-PAMSpecialty Oilfield Services$3.0M$1.1MSouth Central1629,3829
breads in display shelfS-3084-14 SBBFrench Bakery$6.1M$2.1MWest Coast2051,5461
brown concrete building under blue sky during daytimeS-3084-13 SBBMasonry Construction/Restoration Business$11.3M$2.3MEastern Region1741, 238140
red and white truck on road during daytimeS-3084-6 SBBFreight Transportation Company$3M$1.2MWestern Region4213,4222
red and brown medication pillS-3080-1 BCSFDA-certified Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturer & Online Retailer$10.0M$2.0M2833 / 325411
a man in safety gear working on a power poleS-2990-4 CESMaintenance & Renovation Management$35.0M$MNorthwest USA1541,1623,1629
selective color photo of man on top of gray buildingS-2958-6 RFKGeotechnical Contractor$6.7M$1.5MMid Atlantic1690
white wooden chair on brown concrete floor near body of water during daytimeS-2942-5 BRLPremier Hardscapes Builder$11M$1.8MMidwest1521, 5032, 1741, 0761 / 23116
person in blue pants sitting on brown wooden floorS-2792-2 LBInsulation Contractor - Residential & Commercial$3.01M$0.813MNew England1742
S-2009-5 AHOSenior Health Care$3.4M$0.85MEast Coast8082, 8361
man climbing on ladder inside roomS-191-17 BAHMajor Home Remodeling Company$41M$7.4MWestern, NW, Central & Midwest States1521 / 2366118
S-3202-1 EAGLodge and Wedding Venue$4.3M$1.0MMidwest7011 / 721110
man welding a black metalS-3173-2 TSSheet Metal Fabrication$4.0M$1.0MNortheast3444, 3999
solar panels on green fieldS-3120-2 ELDSoftware-as-a-Service / Energy-as-a-Service$3.9M$1.34MWestern Region (Remote Office Opportunity)7372, 4911, 4931, 4939
rectangular white wooden tableS-3084-8 SBBKitchen and Bath Remodeling Company$3.5M$0.868MNortheast Region1521/ 236118
blue swimming poolS-2937-34 TJEPool Contractor$4.1M$1.4MMidwest1799 / 238990
man in brown hat holding black and gray power toolS-2921-3 SBBElectrical Contractor Company$4.0M$1.75MMidwest Region1731, 238210
stainless steel pipe with gaugeS-3231-1 SBBHVAC & Plumbing Contractor Company$6.0M$1.7MMidwest Region1711, 238220
gray metal railingsS-3216-3 ROBProfitable Structural Steel Fabricator$6.0M$1.0MMountain West3441
black spin exercise bike lotS-3065-2 BRLMajor Fitness Equipment Distributor$5.1M$0.9MMidwest7991 / 423800
a person using a tablet on a desk in front of a computer screenS-3232-5 SBBeLearning Investment Trades$10.6M$4.7MUSA6231, 6221, 6211, 85590
S-3231-2 SBBManufacturer & Distributor of Solar Lighting$7.3M$1.84MUSA251402, 5021
red and silver cooking potsS-3192-1 TSManufacturer of Cookware$9.9M$2.2MSouthwest3631
Drilling Machine on SoilS-3191-1 TSHorizontal & Directional Drilling Contractor$12.3M$5.5MSouth1629, 5082
red and black heavy equipment on green grass field under white clouds during daytimeS-3188-5 CANOil & Gas Field Supplies Distributor$8.34M$1.64MSouth Central USA3533 / 333132
brown carS-3185-2 TSCar Lifting Business$10M$0.9MUSA & Canada7537,7699
textS-3173-1 TSRecycling Waste$7.0M$1.3MNortheast4953
Antelope canyonS-3117-10 DFW-PAMWellsite Geology and Mudlogging$8.0M$1.8MTexas1311
brown pencil on white printing paperS-3051-5 SLMulti-Disciplined Architecture & Engineering Firm$10.5M$1.8MTexas8712
yellow and black heavy equipment on snow covered ground during daytimeS-2937-36 TJERoad Construction$9M$1.6MSoutheast1611 / 237310
sunny-side up served on plateS-2518-2 JC5 Unit Casual Dining Franchise Restaurants$8M$1.8MDelaware Valley5812/ 722
person in red hoodie standing on snowy mountain during daytimeS-3232-4 SBBBranded Apparel Company Women’s, Men’s, Kids and Dogs$19.4M$3.18MUSA & Canada2389, 5621, 5699
yellow and black crane near body of water during daytimeS-3117-14 DWFEnergy Services$16.1M$3.8MSouth Central1389
grayscale photo of metal pipeS-2958-8 RFKValue Added Pipe Valve & Fitting Distributor$18M$1.5MMid-Atlantic5072, 5085, 5039
a man sitting in a warehouse next to a pile of woodS-2937-47 TJEWholesale Distributor of HIGH-QUALITY Building Material$26M$4.3MMidwest5211-42 / 423310
brown wooden table and chairsS-3232-6 SBBIndoor and Outdoor Furniture Brand$38M$10.75MUSA251402, 5021
man in white dress shirt sitting in front of computerS-3084-9 SBBIT Healthcare Consulting Firm$30M$6MUSA541611, 8742, 8748
brown and black wooden houseS-2937-46 TJESingle Family Custom Home Builder$50M$6.5MNorthwest1522 / 236116
red hard hat on pavementS-2937-43 TJELeading Construction Company$70M$4MNorthwest1522 / 23611
person holding black and green power toolS-2846-9 SRMulti Family Developer-Affordable & Market Rate$319M$15.6MCalifornia1522 / 236116