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Cooperating Intermediary Program

How We Work with Cooperating Intermediaries

Gottesman Company works with Cooperating Intermediaries to help find ideal buyers for sellers around the world. We work with M&A firms, investment bankers, and business brokers to understand a company’s needs, and tap into our global network of strategic buyers and private equity groups to help facilitate a sale.

How Our Program is Different

We seek to create lasting relationships with our intermediaries, so they continue to come back to us again and again. We understand the reluctance for an intermediary to share seller fees or lose control of the sales process. That’s why Gottesman Company’s Cooperating Intermediary program works differently:

We don’t share in the seller’s fee.

We have always believed that taking a share of an intermediary’s fee would be unfair to them and hinder our budding relationship. We are perfectly content to receive a buyer’s fee from our registered buyer, and continue building a long, fruitful partnership with all of our intermediaries.

Coordinated with the seller’s best interest in mind.

A client typically already knows and trusts the intermediary. It only makes sense that they be there and continue to guide them through the sales process. All dealings with buyers are subject to the intermediary’s direction and through close coordination between our firms.

Our resources are available for every seller.

Our massive business network includes over 100 M&A professionals coast-to-coast, a world class research department, over 1,200 registered buyers who own more than 5,000 companies between them. This puts us among the best in the industry at being able to identify and reach the most suitable buyers available. We use all of these resources to our Cooperating Intermediary’s full advantage and on behalf of your sellers, at absolutely no cost to you.

Our exclusive “Double Happiness Bonus.”

We are always looking for ways to show our appreciation to members of our ever-expanding business network. That’s why, in addition to your seller's fee, we provide an additional financial reward for Cooperating Intermediaries who bring successful transactions to the table. We call it our “Double Happiness Bonus!”

How We Work with Cooperating Intermediaries

We recognize that trust and communication are at the heart of every successful M&A transaction. We’ve developed a tried and true process for working with our Cooperating Intermediaries.

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How we work with Cooperating Intermediaries:

  1. When a Cooperating Intermediary sends us a seller listing, we proceed under the following assumptions unless you tell us otherwise:
    • They are an authorized representative of the seller, working on the basis of a written engagement agreement under which the seller pays your full fee.
    • They have completed the offering memorandum, and it’s ready to go now or in the near future.
  2. We will notify our buyers that there is an opportunity available, using a general “blind” profile only, no names. If they are interested, we will have them sign your NDA.
  3. If the seller prefers, we will run buyers by them in advance to see if they are interested in speaking with them. If not, we will remove them from consideration. We only earn a broker’s fee from the buyer if an introduction is made to the seller by us, through the Cooperating Intermediary, and the deal closes. As such, our concern for confidentiality throughout this process is imperative. If there are specific buyers the seller does not wish us to contact, they can always let us know.
  4. Once an approved buyer signs an NDA, we need to be able to tell him or her the name of your seller and supply him or her with a book, financials, and promotional materials so that they can evaluate the opportunity.
  5. Throughout the process of our buyer’s evaluation, the Cooperating Intermediary will be in control. We will essentially monitor the situation, and must remain “in the loop” so we can monitor the transaction as it progresses.

As Cooperating Intermediaries are a valuable piece of our business, our firms will always maintain a sincere working relationship to minimize problems and accelerate your closing.