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Gottesman Companyworks with cooperating intermediaries. If you are an M&A firm, investment banker, or Business Broker, we understand your reluctance to share seller fees. We also know that you are worried about losing control of your seller client and maintaining control of the marketing program. Don’t worry; when you work with Gottesman Company, cooperation is the heart and soul of the arrangement.

The Cooperating Intermediary Program

Gottesman Company’s Cooperating Intermediary Program is designed to help you find buyers for your sellers, in confidence, without sharing your seller fee, because in these cases we work on behalf of our registered buyers who pay us a buyer’s fee. All dealings with buyers are subject to your direction and close coordination between our firms.

We have over 100 M&A professionals coast-to-coast, approximately 1,000 registered buyers owning over 5,000 companies between them (strategic buyers and private equity groups throughout North America and elsewhere), and an excellent research department. We use all of these resources to your full advantage to find the most suitable buyers for your sellers at no cost to you.

Here’s how we work with you.
  1. When you send us a seller listing, we proceed under the following assumptions unless you tell us otherwise:
    1. You are an authorized representative of the seller, working on the basis of a written engagement agreement under which the seller pays your full fee.
    2. You have completed the offering memorandum, and it’s ready to go now or in the near future.
  2. We will notify our buyers that there is an opportunity available, using a general “blind” profile only, no names. If they are interested, we will have them sign your NDA. If you wish, we will run them by you in advance to see if you are interested in talking to them, and, if not, we will go no further with them. We are as concerned about confidentiality ourselves because we will earn our broker’s fee from the buyer only if that buyer is introduced to the specific seller opportunity by us, through you, and the deal closes.
  3. If there are specific buyers you do not wish us to contact, just tell us.
  4. Once an approved buyer signs your NDA, we need to be able to tell him or her the name of your seller and supply him or her with a book, financials, and promotional materials so that he or she can evaluate the opportunity.
  5. Throughout the process of our buyer’s evaluation, you will be in control. We will essentially monitor the situation, but must remain “in the loop” so we can monitor the transaction as it progresses.

As cooperating intermediaries, our firms will always maintain a sincere working relationship to minimize problems and accelerate your closing.

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