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We know building your business wasn’t easy. Surely, you are proud of what you’ve built and you have no intention of leaving your company in the wrong hands. At Gottesman Company, we recognize those concerns. That’s why we help you find a buyer who understands your business, appreciates what you’ve accomplished, values your customers, and is willing to pay well for the great potential that your company holds. Rest assured, when the transaction is complete, you will know your business is in good hands.

Our network of experienced M&A professionals enables us to find the perfect buyer for every seller.

Our objective, day in and day out, is to match up great companies to established ideal buyers. Our pain-free approach has been creating high-reward transactions for nearly four decades. Our team of experienced M&A business brokers are well known for their broad industry knowledge, ethical business practices, and strict adherence to confidentiality. We lead you through the process of finding the right buyer, preparing your business for sale, and facilitating the transaction, from start to finish.

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Do you have an exit strategy?

It can be hard for long-time business owners to imagine selling their business. Many of those who have been working for years, have no end in sight, and no plan for what comes next. We’ve been around long enough to know that every business owner should have an exit strategy. Even if you have no immediate plan to move on to something new, envisioning your future can help you make decisions that are in the best interest of yourself, your family, and your business.

If you are considering a major change of lifestyle, selling your business may be appealing — and a sound exit strategy will be crucial to getting what you want. At Gottesman Company, we take a personal approach to understanding all of our sellers’ needs and shaping our services around your goals. For those who haven’t put a lot of thought into what comes next, we can guide you to take the proper steps to ensure that you are prepared, ensuring that your exit strategy will become a reality.

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M&A Business Broker Services for Sellers

1. Understanding your business

We determine what your business looks like from both a personal and operational perspective so that we can start searching for ideal buyers.

2. Analyzing your company

We look closely at your financials and identify your company’s growth potential so that a buyer will appreciate its hidden value and make an offer which better reflects the real value of your business.

3. Creating sellers’ documents

We help to create an executive summary or “book,” which highlights the history, operations, personnel, finances, marketing policies, and hidden value of your company to engage prospective buyers, supported by our research department.

4. Targeting ideal buyers

We reach out to our extensive network of M&A business brokers to identify and select ideal buyers, which we then vet and narrow down to those who are a good fit, and present them to you.

5. Assisting the buyer with evaluation

We present your business description highlights to approved prospective buyers, so they can adequately evaluate your business and assess its potential for growth under their ownership.

Why go with Gottesman?

Mergers and acquisitions are complicated.

We simplify the process and make sure you understand every step along the way.

A strict confidentiality policy we live by.

We keep every deal confidential throughout the entire process.

A business network with more buyers.

With over 80 brokers nationwide, we’re sure we can find the right buyer for you.

If there is no closing, there is no fee.

We don’t charge retainers or upfront fees.

About Our Firm

With over 80 M&A business brokers nationwide, our team has developed an outstanding reputation for personalized service, great communication, and steadfast determination.

Some of Our Closed Deals

Revenues ranging from $5M to $250M

Gottesman Company is pleased to have facilitated the following acquisitions in its role as M&A Business Brokers...

chart, trading, courses
NYSE Company in Partnership with Management
Acquired by Private Equity Group
assorted-colored bra panties, and sport bra
Hosiery Company
Acquired by Strategic Buyer
hand brushes on brown plate
Men’s Personal Care Company
Acquired by Strategic Buyer
Food Processing Company
Acquired by Private Equity Group
Niche Plastic Fabrication Company
Acquired by Private Equity Group
man welding iron
International Fabricator Serving the Power Industry
Acquired by Financial Buyer
printing machine
Direct Mail Services
Acquired by Strategic Buyer
man in black jacket and pants standing on train station
Truck Chassis Manufacturer
Acquired by Public Company

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