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Our “Targeted Seller Search Program” Is Designed For You. 

Most private equity firms or strategic buyers are looking for ways to effectively identify acquisition opportunities that match their investment criteria. The Gottesman Company is here to help!

  • Our M&A Business Brokers are interested in building strategic relationships that create long-term value for our clients. 
  • We offer our “Targeted Seller Search Program” to Gottesman Company clients interested in making multiple acquisitions within a specific industry. It is designed to focus our M&A business broker activities like a 22-caliber rifle instead of a shotgun.
  • It is designed around your investment criteria or a subset of your investment criteria for firms that really want to focus, and enables you to find acquisition opportunities that align with your strategic intent.  

Gottesman Company’s Research Department Director collaborates with our our M&A business brokers in the design of these programs. 

A typical “Targeted Seller Search Program”, including design and execution, can range from three months on the short-side to seven months on the long-side. This depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to the investment criteria and the size of the universe of targets.  

If you are interested in making multiple acquisitions within a specific industry, Gottesman Company has close to 100 M&A business brokers located across the country and internationally capable of executing these programs for your firm. For more information about our “Targeted Seller Search Program” and to be matched with a broker that fits your needs, please email or call 212-330-8010.

By Lisa Herhold, MBA – Gottesman Company – Sr. M&A Business Broker

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