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For Sellers with $3 Million to $250 Million in Annual Revenue

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Business Selling Services

Many business owners wonder, “How do I sell my business at a profit? Who can guide the sale of my business?” Gottesman Company is a mid-market mergers and acquisitions Business Broker. We specialize in finding quality buyers for the sellers with whom we work. Exploring the options of a merger or acquisition of a company can be complicated. We can help simplify this process.

Many entrepreneurs think that M&A transactions are to “sell out and be out.” An outright purchase is only one option that many seek. Others involve buyers who want the founder to stay on as the president or consultant. Some buyers desire to become an equity partner by purchasing only a part of the company. Whatever option you explore, they all provide the primary benefit of converting your hard-earned business asset into cash.

Every business has an opportune time range when the business valuation is at its peak. Chances are you do not have a realistic “exit plan.” You are not alone; very few entrepreneurs have a plan. Proactive planning will allow an exit from a position of strength.

Why Sell Your Business with Gottesman Company?
  • Strict Confidentiality Policy
  • Over 100 M&A Professionals Nationwide
  • M&A Intermediary Services as M&A Brokers Since 1985
  • Extensive Research Capabilities
  • Over 1,000 Registered Buyers
  • Free Document Preparation
  • No Upfront Fees or Retainers
  • No Closing, No Fee

We invite you to learn more about Gottesman Company and how we can help sell your business. Contact us today to arrange a confidential meeting.

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Sellers, call 212-330-8010 and press 1 to speak directly to President Gene Gottesman in confidence. For all other business, press 2.

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Value Added Broker Services

Gottesman Company introduces buyers to sellers and facilitates the sale. Learn more about our broker services.

Gottesman Company, with over 30 years
in business, is one of the largest M&A firms
in the world, with approximately 100 M&A
professionals in key locations around the globe.
We specialize in mergers and acquisitions
nationally and internationally.

Gottesman Company

Sellers, call 203-984-4610 and speak directly to President
Gene Gottesman in confidence.

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