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Acquisition Opportunity 

International Opportunity (South America)
Automotive Aftermarket Products Company

Business Description:

The company is a manufacturer, importer, distributor and retailer. As a leading manufacturer the company is ISO-certified and has highly efficient operations. The company manufactures and sells roughly 1 million Lead-Acid car batteries annually. Just over 70 percent of the Company’s revenues are related to the manufacture and sale of car batteries, approximately 20 percent of the revenues are derived from the import and distribution of automotive aftermarket parts (over 3,700 SKUs). Leaving the balance to retail at just under 10%.


As an importer and distributor, the company has an impressive list of long-term customers. As a retailer, the Company has developed a well-known, highly respected business with high margins. The company would provide the purchaser with an excellent opportunity to enter or expand with strong access to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Furthermore, the Company’s ability to import and distribute could also be used for non-automotive products. The Company will begin exporting to the US in 2019.

Operational Strengths:

The Company has a large stable non-union workforce. BTW, the entire management is bilingual in Spanish and English.

The Transaction:

Majority sale, with the Company beginning sales in the US in 2019 there is a possibility of a shift of headquarters to the US.

Financial Summary
2018 Est by Seller 2017
Revenue $72.9MM $69.7MM
Adjusted EBITDA $10.00MM $10.7MM


Other Highlights
Location Financials Management Team in Place Years in Business SIC Classification
South America Audited Yes 60 3714,5013,5531

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