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Acquisition Opportunity


Business Description:

Started in 1978, the business is a well-established, highly reputable, janitorial services company serving a very diverse client base in the Midwest. The Company also performs painting and water restoration services. Seven supervisory personnel report to the Operations Manager along with approximately 275 full-time and 25 part-time non-union staff.


In 2017, the Company billed 48 clients consisting of 10 school districts for 70% of volume, 10 government offices for 10.5% with the remaining 28 revenue centers being commercial accounts. There are 96 total building sites being served with contracts running 3-15 years. The business utilizes a staffed warehouse/office facility to coordinate distribution of supplies and equipment and maintain inventory control. The Company has a complete website and also uses direct marketing to reach new clients.

Operational Strengths:

  • Approximately 45% of the cleaning level staff are paid as Independent Contractors.
  • Only 3 supervisory level staff receive health care benefits and paid vacations.
  • There are 2 executive administrative positions that include the owner and a Sales Manager.
  • The business accounting office is home-based.
  • The Company is a member of Building Service Contractors International and is a Certified Member of Green

    Clean Contractors of North America.

The Transaction:

The owner is preparing to retire and is open to discuss part-time involvement after an acceptable transition period.

Financial Summary, $000s


2019 Est by Seller




$7.7 Mil.

$7.6 Mil.

$7.3 Mil.

Adjusted EBITDA





Other Highlights



Management Team in Place

Years in Business

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