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Acquisition Opportunity

SaaS Enterprise Software Solutions Provider

Business Description: The Company is a leading developer of web-based software solutions with many years of experience in its space. Its products replace in-house solutions that are usually created on spreadsheets, and are designed to make cumbersome processes more efficient while reducing risk, increasing security, and providing “what if” modeling scenarios which help organizations make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Distribution: The Company has a diverse and impressive customer roster consisting of loyal, blue-chip organizations.  Client contracts are often multi-year and the outsourced web-based product creates a high level of customer stickiness.  Most of its business comes from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals.

Operational Strengths: The Company has reinvested its cash flows in developing the business and creating a proven business that can scale.  Given its fixed cost and overhead structure, the company would be able to dramatically increase its earnings by expanding its top line.  A modest investment in expanding the sales team, incremental marketing support (Google AdWords, SEO, campaigns, etc), and the further development and implementation of its existing resources is expected to increase earnings for the business at least 100% by 2020.

The Transaction: Ownership is highly receptive to staying on post-transition. A very well trained and highly qualified team will stay in place and support new ownership in all aspects of the business

Financial Summary (000s)
  2019 Est by Seller 2018 2017
Revenue $5,208,000   $4,322,215 $3,267,081
Adjusted EBITDA $1,163,739 $561,111 $(521,414)


Other Highlights
Location Financials Management Team in Place Years in Business SIC Classification
New Jersey Yes Yes 15+ 3572

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