Negotiating the Sale of Your Business

With Gottesman Company, negotiating the sale of your business is about more than the purchase price. We negotiate the right financial package for each unique seller.

Satisfying the Client

The sale of a business involves many elements of opportunity for the seller. The specific purchase price is only a part of the overall result. The buyer is often “focused in” on this aspect. While the buyer may not be willing to meet the seller’s asking price head on, he or she can, through proper negotiations, actually satisfy the seller’s total financial requirements in other ways.

It is important to understand all elements of the total package to determine the true value. The Gottesman approach takes into account all of the elements of the financial transaction by conveying the necessary information and concepts to the clients prior to introduction.

Some of these are:
  • Purchase price.
  • Down payment and balance of payments.
  • Interest on notes payable to the seller.
  • Liabilities assumed by the buyer.
  • Sale or lease of premises owned by the seller or associated company.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Consultant’s fee paid to the seller.
  • Outstanding loans to officers.
  • Non-compete agreements.
  • Current assets of the business allowed to be retained by seller.
  • Percentage of future sales paid to the seller.
  • Share of ownership retained by the seller.
  • Licensing agreements between the seller and buyer.
  • Special “perks” obtained for the seller and/or his or her family.

The total sales price is properly considered to be the total financial package obtained by the seller. This total is the true measure of Gottesman’s accomplishment in bringing the right combination of buyer and seller together!

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