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Exit Strategies That Work for You

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with ideas for new startups, or a longtime business owner who needs a change, exit strategies are important and positive plans for the future. Are you anxious to leave your old business and start a new one? Does your current business feel stagnant? Are your outside investors ready for their return?

If your business has been struggling—or if it has been wildly successful—are you equipped to handle it?

Gottesman Offers the Best Exit Strategies for You

You have worked hard, investing time, sweat, and money to build a business. What is your plan to get the money back out?

Planning your exit is practical and an important business strategy. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs have an exit plan. The good news is you have options. Not all M&A transactions are outright sales, though that option is there if you want it. Some buyers want the founder to stay on as the president or consultant. Some buyers want to become an equity partner by purchasing only a part of your company.

We’re experts in finding buyers, determining what they want, and negotiating the right match for both buyer and seller.

Gottesman Business Brokers work with business owners to determine the exit strategy that will result in the involvement and benefits they desire. Although exploring merger and acquisition options can be complicated, we help simplify the process. We ensure that your hard-earned business asset is converted into the cash and benefits you deserve, in a realistic and carefully guided transaction.

Plan now! Don’t wait for problems. Do you wish to sell outright? Do you want to merge with a similar company or be bought by a larger company? Do you want a buyer who will keep you involved? Whether you’re ready to exit now or are planning for the future, contact us today to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your goals.

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