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Buyer Inquiry

Gottesman Company works with manufacturers and distributors of all types with annual sales of $5 million to $500 million, as well as larger service firms, retail chains, education, and medical. As a result, a business buyer interested in receiving information about our listings must be qualified as a “serious buyer.”

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Sellers, call 212-330-8010

and press 1 to speak directly to President Gene Gottesman in confidence. For all other business, press 2.

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Gottesman Company introduces buyers to sellers and facilitates the sale. Learn more about our broker services.

Gottesman Company, with over 30 years
in business, is one of the largest M&A firms
in the world, with approximately 100 M&A
professionals in key locations around the globe.
We specialize in mergers and acquisitions
nationally and internationally.

Gottesman Company

Sellers, call 203-984-4610 and speak directly to President
Gene Gottesman in confidence.

North American Telephone: (212) 330-8010
Fax: (646) 434-4557
European Telephone: +44 (790) 678-6505