Broker Services

Business Broker Services

Gottesman Company offers value-added Business Broker services to help facilitate the introduction of buyers to sellers. Our experienced Brokers follow these steps.

Develop Criteria

We determine the seller’s needs, financial and personal, as criteria for the direction of our research efforts as Brokers.

Analyze the Company

Our Brokers complete the Gottesman registration form with the seller to gain deeper understanding of his or her company, prior to an expanded buyer search.

Financial Review

We review financial statements to understand hidden values and true profit, which buyers need to know before accepting an introduction.

Create Brokers’ Documents

Our Business Brokers create an executive summary or “book,” which serves as informational documents for submission to prospective buyers and their advisers, to facilitate introductions. This helps to give a complete picture of the history, operations, personnel, finances, and marketing policies of the firm with the seller’s own indications of future directions and potential. This helps us find the right match for the seller.

Business Evaluation by the Buyer

We convey the seller information to help the buyer client evaluate the business, taking into account its assets, cash flow, sales and profit trends, industry and competitive environment, and potential for growth.

Target Buyers

Our Business Broker services conclude with targeting and finding the buyer (or merger) prospects. We use contacts, research techniques, databases, advertising (where necessary), letters, telemarketing, and visitations.

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Sellers, call 212-330-8010

and press 1 to speak directly to President Gene Gottesman in confidence. For all other business, press 2.

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Seller Services

Our experienced Business Brokers simplify the merger or acquisition of a company. Learn more about our seller services.

Gottesman Company, with over 30 years
in business, is one of the largest M&A firms
in the world, with approximately 100 M&A
professionals in key locations around the globe.
We specialize in mergers and acquisitions
nationally and internationally.

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Sellers, call 203-984-4610 and speak directly to President
Gene Gottesman in confidence.

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