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Pile Construction Company

Acquisition Opportunity - Southeast

Family-owned and operated construction company specializing in deep foundations. They primarily work on challenging soils primarily in the Southeast region. Projects include residential, commercial, transmission lines, and more.

Due to its niche construction competency, this company has maintained excellent relationships and repeat business.

They use a variety of sizes and types of specific piles and are a trusted name in this specific construction field.

The company installs unique foundations for challenging soils in residential, commercial, pools, utility lines, etc., and anything that requires difficult soils such as adjacent structures, limited access, water table, or low overhead clearance.

These specialized piles are also used to support existing foundations to help support structures or require additional support such as seawalls, retaining walls, or repairs to existing structures. The highest percentage mix is 15%. Balance sheet as of June 2023 available.

Refer to Seller Number: S-923-1 CNC

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