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Telecom Service Provider Rurals + Installation & Sales

Acquisition Opportunity - Canada

The Company is a leading telecom provider of services to rural clients across Canada. They focus on selling, installing and servicing satellite, cable and Internet services.

Targeting mostly rural Canadians in select markets, its clients
are loyal, and many have remained since the firm’s inception.
It provides the best customer service in the industry resulting in increase growth of $2.4M to $13.6M in only 4 years.

Operating out of three offices and warehouses they have an in-house marketing and sales staff that utilize the latest strategies to capture and convert leads. They are one of the largest dealers of high- speed internet and direct TV in North America. Service is to residential and commercial clients in select markets throughout Canada. Clients are provided with a one-stop-shop experience where the company manages the installation and subsequent high-speed internet and satellite television. Additionally, they manage the installation, service, and upgrade work orders because they are the leading installation company in their field.

Two of the current owners would be happy to become minority investors, or to remain as employees, thus insuring a smooth transition. They will be available during this time to offer training and client relationship transfer and other responsibilities.

Refer to Seller Number: S-3240-1 LB

Financial Summary
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Other Highlights
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