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Market-Leading Foundries

Acquisition Opportunity - Midwest

Two foundries are jointly for sale in the Midwest area, providing industrial-grade aluminum and magnesium sand casting services to the aerospace, military, and racing industries. The company is committed to quality, has on-site manufacturing capabilities and is an ISO 9001 and AS9110 certified company. These foundries consistently deliver some of the industry’s most superior finishes in sand castings.

Capabilities include:
Pattern Shop: Complete Pattern & Casting Engineering Services
Molding Capacity: Green Sand & Dry Sand (ounces to 3’ x 3’ flasks)
Metal Control: Pyrometer, Spectrometer, Tensile Test, Fracture Examinations, X-ray, FPI, Brinell Test
Cores: CO-2 Conventional & Chemical Bonded Sands, Full Range & Sizes
In-House Processes: Chrome Pickle, Heat Treating, X-ray
Dimensional Layout: Improves product design and manufacturing

These foundries have several strategic advantages:
Experienced Management Team: Senior management team has combined experience of 83+ years
Market Entry Barriers: Cost advantages due to economies of scale, established distribution channels, high setup cost, raw material costs, and high capital requirements make market entry difficult
Limited Supply: Due to the limited number of foundries that manufacture these customized products nationally, prices remain elevated
Customer Base: The customer base is comprised of Fortune 500 companies

Refer to Seller Number: S-3209-1 LMH

Financial Summary
*Figure is a combined (both foundries) 3 –year-average, normalized EBITDA rounded.
Actual figure targeted to be available end of January 2023.
Other Highlights
FinancialsManagement Team in PlaceYears in BusinessSIC / NAICS
ReviewedYes50+3365 / 331524

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