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National Sportswear Distributor

Acquisition Opportunity - Northeast

Leading Nationwide Team Sportswear Distributor in the Northeast. Supplier of team specialty sportswear throughout the United States. Great reputation and loyal customer base. Offices, warehouses and showrooms currently in four states in the Northeast.

Reach reinforced by company’s reputation coupled with large, recurring clientele and database. Online/digital retail sales along with marketing/showroom sales. Main customers are High Schools, colleges, park and recreational groups, YMCA teams, clubs, sports management companies and Olympic hopeful groups. The firm markets and distributes branded product from major manufacturers and brands. Team logos are often placed on the apparel. Products also include training equipment, accessories, championship items and other accessories related to its sport focus.

Robust and sophisticated digital marketing and sales programs enables them to expand, reach and serve current and new client base, with marketing expertise and competence playing key roles in their success. Database of 300,000 contact sand 4,500 organizations. Extensive inventory and smart inventory management enables them to fulfill orders in a timely fashion and far more effectively and efficiently than competitors.

The 2021 rebound was considerable and the expectations are that 2022 will continue to rise closer to pre-covid revenue levels which were more than $11 million. In fact, while sales remain lower than 2019, the 2021 profit is better. The results are in for 2021, the revenue of $7.491 million close to doubled Covid’s prior year and the full year Adjusted Cash Flow is just under $1.739 million. It also has inventory amounting to $5 million and equipment/furniture/fixtures of $300k.

Refer to Seller Number: S-1345-1 DW

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