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Acquisition Opportunity

S-2936-1 MLJ

South East Europe

Manufacturer and Distributor of Health Foods, Supplements and Cosmetics

Business Description: The Company manufactures (through outsourced manufacturing but under its own brands), a spectrum of products, including health food, bio products, food supplements and cosmetics product lines. 

Distribution: Customer portfolio includes major retail chains, leading cosmetics stores, and Pharmacies operating in its home market, and to a lesser extent online sales and export.  Retail channel accounts for 66%, cosmetic stores 17%, pharmacies 10% (covering 4 major drug wholesalers plus 300 pharmacies).


Operational Strengths: According to Euromonitor International, global functional, allergen-free,

organic, and other healthy food market is constantly growing and will reach 1 trillion USD for the first time in 2017. This is one of the leading players in its territory in health food segment with very strong brand recognition and favorably perceived price-to-quality ratio for its products. Robust prospects of better utilization of existing strength of the brand (if acquired by larger strategic investor).

Financial Summary $000 (vs. € @ 1.12)

  2017 Est by Seller 2016 2015 2014
Revenue Contact us 8889 8456 7950
Adjusted EBITDA Contact us 1079 990 1136

Other Highlights

Location Financials Management Team in Place Years in Business SIC Classification
SE Europe Reviewed Yes 25 5141, 2844

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