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Acquisition Opportunity

S-1855 MXY


Business Description:  

The Company owns licenses, IP, capital equipment, know-how and technology for the manufacture of cardiac rhythm maintenance devices (heart pacemakers). Company has manufactured thousands of devices with this proven, economical technology. Equipment is currently maintained in storage.


The Company is authorized to sell devices in the EU and South Asia. Could be sold in US with FDA 510(k) approval.


Operational Strengths:  

The Company has engineering staff, blueprints, process files, licenses and know-how to manufacture these high-margin devices. Annual capacity to manufacture over 30,000 units, retail $2,000 each.

The Transaction:  

The Company’s IP is independently valued at over $10 million. Company will sell all assets for $ 4 million. With relatively modest additional investment, sales achievable over $100 million.

Financial Summary

  2018 2019 2020 2021
Projected Revenue  $3 million $10 million $30 million $60 million
Projected EBITDA breakeven $2 million $10 million $30 million

Other Highlights

Location Financials Management Team in Place Years in Business SIC Classification
Upon Request Yes Yes Over 10 3841

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