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Acquisition Opportunity S-1331-38 DBN

S-1331-38 DBN

Specializing in high-end hospitality

Business Description:  

S-1331-38 DBN

Established Company is a full service architectural millwork fabricator and installer specializing in the high-end hospitality sector. The Company fabricates, finishes, and installs high-end architectural components. The Company’s fabrication facility is fully equipped to handle any size project, including wood, metal, acrylic, and resin to create singular architectural elements that stand out in today’s world of mass production. The Company fabricates custom ceilings, walls, cabinets, furniture, and special features restricted only by one’s imagination. The Company has 35 full time employees and operates out of a 30,000 square foot facility.

Distribution: The Company’s customer markets include: hotels (44% of 2016 sales), commercial (20%), residential (18%), retail (12%), and restaurant (6%). Geographic US markets include: Southeast (62%), Northeast (30%), and Midwest (8%). The Company has a national and international presence with clients across the continental US, Europe, and Asia.

Operational Strengths: The Company’s sales of $8 million in 2017 will be attractive to buyers seeking to establish a strong foothold or increase market share within the industry. The Company’s success drivers include: high quality workmanship, reputation, professional management, unique business model, and industry experience. The Company delivers high quality products and maintains a strong reputation that has carried the Company’s name throughout the industry. A buyer with additional capital would allow the Company to take on larger contracts, and take advantage of raw material market opportunities.

The Transaction: The shareholders are available to assist new ownership during a transition period and may be open to staying on indefinitely.

Financial Summary

  2017 Est by Seller  2016  2015 2014
Revenue 8,000 6,084 5,053 3,435
Adjusted EBITDA 1,600 842 1,194 406

Other Highlights

Location Financials Management Team in Place Years in Business SIC Classification
Southeast Internal Yes 10+ 1751, 2431, 2434, 3441, 3446, 3499, 3553, 8712

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